Rich Piana 51/50 Pre Workout

Rich Piana 51/50

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  • Extreme focus
  • Extreme energy
  • High stimulant

Now for all those who are into fitness/training they will know
Rich Piana the owner of 5% nutrition is a character who's
always up for the extraordinary !

However with his 51/50 preworkout this takes things to a whole
new level !

Mainly catered to "stim-junkies" who just about hit the sides with
double scooping certain preworkouts, this has been tailored to
have even the biggest of "stim-junkies" pumped and ready to
train !

containing not ONE but EIGHT different types of caffeine !
the reason being is they all have different delivery methods , so
your system is being energized 8 different ways throughout your
training session

Note* - Do NOT exceed 1 scoop per day as 1 scoop ( 1 serving) contains 400mg caffeine .

Not just for an amazing energy boost but also a killer pump
containing 4 grams of L-citrulline ( yes FOUR grams ) 100%
pure L-citrulline (not citrulline malate) , even at a standard dose
L-citrulline is powerful enough to give you an intense muscle
tearing pump, so at the 4 gram dosage be prepared !!

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