German Pharmaceuticals - Epi 20

German Pharmaceuticals - Epi 20

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Brand: German Pharmaceuticals

  • Big improvements in strength
  • Muscle hardening
  • Fat Loss
  • Improved definition
  • Low estrogen conversion
  • Ideal for stacking

Key Benefits:

Focused on strength rather than size

Extreme muscle hardening

Zero estrogen conversion

Improved muscle definition

Notable fat loss

Associated with positive impact on male libido

Ideal to stack with a more anabolic PH

What is it?

Epi20 is by far our best selling pro-hormone; a strong anabolic and androgenic compound expect sizeable strength gains, fat loss, recovery and all in all progress!

Often the first pro-hormone that many take, the results of which are extremely noticeable for the side effects ratio meaning massive results for very little side effects.

Research behind the compound has noted to increase anabolic and androgenic activity by up to 12x when compared to natural testosterone, if you want results 12x as fast then EPI20 is without a doubt the compound for you.

Whether it be for a beginner user or a seasoned professional bodybuilder, if you want to make gains and look lean getting the beach physique without a doubt EPI20 will get you there. Expect AMAZING results, nothing else.

As far as dosing goes EPI20 provides double when compared to regular pro-hormones such as Havoc. A single dose of EPI20 provides you with 20mg of hard hitting Epi! thats double the strength and double the gains!



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