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T6 Black USA Edition 30 Capsules

The strongest formula to date by Pure Labs, Introducing T6 Black USA Edition

Featuring 6 key ingredients to ramp up core temperature and burn fat faster than ever, to provide a long lasting hard hitting burst of energy to keep you fuelled all day.  

T6 Black USA Key Benefits:

  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Supports appetite control
  • Supports Increased energy
  • Supports improved thermogenesis

T6 Black USA is a hard hitting weight loss product you will really feel!! A clever combination of thermogenic ingredients to ramp up your energy levels, crush hunger & improve over all well being.  

Directions for use:

To Assess tolerance levels take 1 capsules with food ideally 1st thing in the morning. We do not recommend exceeding 1 capsule daily, however if you are looking for a harder hitting experience, 1 capsule taken with a black coffee on an empty stomach is a sure fire why to ramp up those energy levels!!

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