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Alpha GPC (alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine) is a cholinergic compound used to enhance cognition, mental focus and improve power & strength. 

Alpha-GPC is a cholinergic compound that is predominantly used for its cognitive enhancing properties and its ability to increase physical power output. Alpha-GPC supplementation has been shown in a clinical setting to reduce the rate of cognitive decline in male and females over the age of 65, and noticeably reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's (1).

An increase in power output and growth hormone has also been reported following a 600mg dose of Alpha GPC when taken 45 minutes before resistance training. This study suggests a 14% increase in power output (2). Alpha Alpha GPC has also been shown to accelerate fat oxidation, leading to faster fat loss (3).

Therefore, if you want to experience heightened mental clarity and brain power, whilst improving your workouts with a focus on greater fat burning, Alpha GPC is perfect for you.

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