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We’re excited to introduce the Mega Mass Cycle, our latest mass gaining stack.  It’s an all-around perfect mass gain bulking cycle, carefully put together to help you achieve your best ever gains while protecting your health.

What’s in the Cycle:

M-drol XT

contains natural anabolic compounds that bind to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and reduce excess estrogen formation, enabling increased levels of free testosterone, which amplifies muscle-building potential, boosts sexual health and performance. 

M-drol XT is a natural product that will give you an athletic edge, by optimising your hormones for muscle gains and fat shredding. It does this by reducing estrogen production and boosting testosterone. M-drol XT is suitable for men and women. 


Epistan is the non-aromatising prohormone which provides lean dry gains and promotes fat loss. Epistan is favored for 'cutting' cycles as it helps you attain that vascular grainy look. As Epistan is a prohormone you will need supplements to help support you during and after your cycle.

Pure Labs Cycle Shield

Some prohormones can negatively affect your liver, circulation and cholesterol levels, so take Cycle Shield alongside your stack to help keep yourself safe from potential damage.

Pure Labs Clomadex

Balance hormones with Clomadex, Clomadex by Pure Labs will allow you keep your gains following you cycle of M-DrolXT & Epistan 


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