Fasted Cardio - Does it work ?

Facts and myths about fasted cardio

It is a proven fact that fasted cardio is needed for maximum fat loss. Some research also proves that
when fasted cardio is done in the morning it results in more fat loss as compared to cardio exercises that
are done with a full stomach. Doing cardio is actually difficult when done on a full stomach. According to
a study when a person is fasting in the morning then cardio can facilitate up to 30% more weight loss.

A Fasted state

A fasted state does not simply refer to the fact that a person is operating on an empty stomach. There is
a whole cycle that the body must go through for reaching the desired fasted state. The food is broken
down into many parts and turned into molecules that are released into the blood stream. Insulin is also
released whose primary function is to make sure other molecules enters the target cells and are utilized
properly. During the process of digestion the insulin levels are high and this is known as the “fed” state.
When the digestion process is completed insulin level drops down and the body enters the “fasted”
state where fat is burned to produce energy.

Why fasting is linked with the morning time only?

After a good 8 to 10 hours of sleep, a person wakes up with a completely empty stomach. During sleep,
the body conserves carbohydrates and when a person awakes it is the perfect time to utilise and burn
this excess storage of carbohydrates. Additionally, the body also breaks down amino acid during night

time and hence those amino acids are also utilized when a person does cardio on an empty stomach.
However, if the primary goal is to build up muscle and not the loss of fat then the breaking of amino acid
is not advised.

For the purpose of building up muscles, it is wise to take fast digesting proteins like whey
along with some slow digesting protein like casein after the fasted cardio.
The fasted cardio is proven to burn fat faster especially from the problematic fat areas that resist fat

Another factor that counts in faster fat loss is if the cardio is intense or not. Faster and intense
cardio if done on an empty stomach will ensure maximum weight loss. One thing that should be kept in
mind is the fact that the body enters the fasted state is when the stomach remains totally empty for 4 to
6 hours at the least.

Our thoughts on Fasted Cardio 

Cardio is beneficial, whether it is fasted or fed. However, studies and research have proved that fasted
cardio is more productive for losing stubborn fat. Fasted cardio can be more beneficial if certain
supplements are also being taken