Plant Protein, swap your whey for plants!

Plant Protein, swap your whey for plants!

What is Plant Protein?

Plant protein is the protein that is derived from plants. For years whey protein has been the preferred dietary supplement and is often regarded as the only source of a dietary supplement that provides you with all the essential amino acids that your body needs to functions. Times have changed since then and with scientific research more and more are swapping their whey for plants. There are a bunch of plants that may not provide you with every essential amino acid that your body requires but still there are several other options that do.

   These include:

           • Quinoa 

           • Peas 


           • Hempseed 


           • Chickpeas 

All of the above-mentioned options will provide you with all the essential amino acids that make your body do its job well. Research and studies have shown that plant-based proteins can be just as effective as whey. Here is a list of reasons why you should swap your whey for plants


They’re eco-friendly:

Being biodegradable plants create far less waste than animal proteins. That means that it requires much fewer resources like land and water to grow plants than it takes to rear livestock. Plant-based proteins are much cleaner and safer for the environment than animal-based proteins as livestock farms can create a ton of waste and use up valuable resources.




Allergy-free alternative:

Whey protein is made from milk and a lot of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. This means that gas and bloating are two major side effects of whey protein. Whey protein can also trigger allergies in certain individuals causing more harm than good. Plant-based proteins, on the other hand, are a safe and natural option. They not only help get gains but also don’t cause or trigger allergies.


Fibre content:

Plants are made of two kinds of fibre, soluble and insoluble and both of them are important when it comes to digestion. Whey protein lacks the fibre content that plant protein provides for this reason plant protein is much better for your digestive system.

PH Friendly:

Another reason to pick plant protein over whey protein is that it doesn’t mess with your body’s PH levels. Plants contain chlorophyll and it is this chlorophyll that helps to alkalise our diets which can be acidic and disrupt our natural PH levels.

Free from growth hormones and antibiotics:

Most livestock is injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. These can easily become a part of the whey protein you use without your knowledge. Since plants aren’t treated the same way they’re much safer and if you’re worried about pesticides then you can always opt for organic plant protein powders.

More minerals and vitamins:

Not a lot of people incorporate enough fruits and vegetables in their diets this can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. While whey protein is good at providing protein to your body it lacks these vitamins and minerals as well. You can get your daily protein intake with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals if you swap your whey for plants.

Overall plant-based proteins provide a much healthier and complete nutrition profile when compared to whey protein. Not only you will be doing your body a favour but you will also be helping the planet. So when are you swapping your whey or plants?

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