Eden Health - ZMA Max

Eden Health - ZMA Max

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Brand: Eden Health

  • Better sleep
  • Balanced hormones

Eden Health ZMA Max

What it does?

ZMA Max by eden health is a product specifically catered to allow for a deeper REM sleep, this is the sleep phase often known as “deep sleep”. By increasing this level of REM sleep a person will experience an increased quality of sleep leading to increased recovery, reduced cortisol (stress) levels and increased hormonal control. If anyone is struggling to sleep or often finds themselves restless during the nighttime, ZMA Max is for you!

What is it and How does it affect you?

ZMA Max not only contains typical ingredients Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 that are included in typical ZMA formula, ZMA Max also contains added ingredients to help increase sleep quality further as well as cognitive performance, hormonal control and immune system function.

ZMA max contains added cystine, D3 and selenium! These products are all highly dosed to ensure added immune function and hormonal support, this is not just your typical ZMA, this is ZMA Max.

 Who should take it?

This product can be taken by both men and women who desire to improve sleep as well as hormone and stress regulation.

How to take it?  We advise taking 1-3 tablets of ZMA Max approximately 2-4 before bedtime, we do advise at this point to avoid any foods high in dairy as these can interfere with REM sleep and can hinder the effectiveness of ZMA Max.

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