Ultimate Shred Bundle
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Ultimate Shred Bundle

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The Ultimate Fat Loss Bundle

Introducing the triple threat in helping you burn that stubborn fat.  The Ultimate Shred Bundle comprises:  

Pure Labs T6

If you want to curb your appetite without curbing your energy, T6 Black is for you! With as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee, plus appetite suppressing ingredients, T6 Black is a sure fire way to take your fat loss to the next level.


Tren X 

Individuals looking on improving their athletic performance all round, should add Tren X to their supplement stack.



CardioMax is the new, limited edition, natural anabolic from German Pharma with a twist.

This product has been designed to enhance cardiovascular performance (similar to the old version of Cardarine) whilst remaining a natural product, meaning maximum performance with zero side effects!

The new and innovative CardioMax formula blends rare natural test boosting ingredients, tried and tested natural anabolic products and ingredients specifically designed to enhance cardiovascular performance. 

Anyone taking CardioMax will be sure to see an improvement in their cardiovascular capacity, making it perfect for enhancing endurance and anabolic capabilities. 

If you want a natural product that is perfect for enhancing recovery, cardiovascular capabilities and natural anabolic potential, CardioMax is for you!


This stack is perfect for anyone looking to build lean muscle and burn stubborn body fat 


Directions for stack : 

Run for 4 weeks at a dose of : 

2 capsules Cardiomax daily 

2 capsules Tren X

1 Capsule T6 Black daily ( preferably in the morning with food ) 


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