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LEAN SHAKE PLUS Its our best selling protein here at FactorySupplements.co.uk... but what makes lean shake out best seller? what makes it stand out above your standard protein? what makes it just a little bit better than every other? Well...


Its our best selling protein here at FactorySupplements.co.uk... but what makes lean shake out best seller? what makes it stand out above your standard protein? what makes it just a little bit better than every other? Well let tell you...


What you will find in lean shake plus is PNI's Perfect Protein Blend, 27g of formulated whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white albumen to reflect a 33:33:33 ratio. This ratio gives LEAN SHAKE PLUS an 8 hour digestion rate; helping you feel fuller and more satisfied for longer. One protein form you will not find in LEAN SHAKE PLUS is soy protein! Soy protein is surrounded by contradictory research, some which show it increases estrogen levels. Soy protein is also extracted using a chemical called Hexane, a constituent of petrol.


Lactose - a sugar derived from dairy which surveys show up to 80% of the population have varying degrees of intolerance to, most of whom don’t even know! The usual symptoms of this intolerance are stomach upset, constipation, excessive bloat, water retention and unpleasant flatulence. This is often a factor other competitors ignore to address in their products, as it is generally not something your person is aware of! You will find no lactose in LEAN SHAKE PLUS.

Gluten - a protein composite that comes from wheat and grains containing products, which due to the nature of mass food production and industrialization over the years have become a constant in most peoples’ diets. While only a small percentage of the population are actually medically classified as ‘gluten intolerant’ a diet too high in gluten can easily lead to symptoms such from something as mild as an upset stomach/bloating, a headache, flatulence all the way through to Hypotonia and Anemia. Some may never experience these symptoms irrespective of how much gluten they consume in their diet but we have gone the extra mile for those that have to ensure that LEAN SHAKE PLUS can suit everyone!


As we know, protein is the key nutrient for keeping us satisfied and keeping hunger at bay, forming the base of what we believe in any effective diet shake formula, therefore any additional ingredient we add to the formula needs to be accountable and effective to be worthwhile as each addition takes up serving space away from the protein. Co-Enzyme Q10 is an ingredient rarely used by manufacturers due it generally being incredibly expensive due to it’s proven benefits! CoQ10 is produced in the body with it’s primary role as both a potent antioxidant (fight and scavenge damaging free radicals which can hinder the efficiency of your body burning body fat amongst others) and to aid the function of the mitochondria (every cell in your body’s ‘powerhouse’ responsible for directly producing energy from fuel such as body fat) and thus energy production. Simply put the greater the efficiency of your mitochondria, the more effective they will be at burning fuel for energy and if one of these sources is body fat the ability of your body to burn this fuel source for energy will be optimised.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is considered a mitochondrial health (your cells’ powerhouses responsible for producing all usable energy) and bioenergetic compound, able to alleviate the effects of aging and disease on the mitochondria and increase the potential of the mitochondria to burn fat. Mitochondria turn fuel sources such as Triglycerides (fatty acids) and Glucose (carbohydrates) in usable energy, therefore increasing their efficiency you increase the rate at which fuel can be converted into energy – by positively influencing fatty acid metabolism ALCAR helps increase the potential and efficiency of fat burning.


Over the past few years since it started being used in fat loss and weight management solutions Green Tea has become one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in the weight loss sector of the supplementation industry. From the old Lean Shake Formula we moved to a purer extract which is standardised for 90%EGCG where studies show EGCG has the most beneficial effects in a fat loss and weight management driven environment compared to the other catechins which Green Tea consists of.



We at PNI Supplements are conscious and accepting of the diversity in goals, aims, beliefs and individual differences and believe in allowing customers to have as much information as possible so that you can choose for yourself whether you believe our product is what is going to help you achieve your goals.

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