T9 Extreme Tube

T9 Extreme Tube - 30 Capsules

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Brand: Pure Labs

  • Unrivalled energy
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • No stimulant crash


Another cleverly formulated fat burner by pure labs delivers a significant but sustainable energy boost without the crash, as well as a thermogenic response in which you will be able to burn more calories even at rested state.


While appetite suppression, energy boosts and increased metabolic rates are commonplace within fat burners this T9 combines all of this whilst controlling blood sugar levels.


Through natural ingredients such as the chromium and glucomannan the T9 can stabilise blood sugar levels preventing harmful sugar spikes after meals which notoriously store fat. Keeping an even blood sugar level can prevent the body from storing some of the things you eat as fat. Allowing you to have more sustainable energy without these episodes of fatigue and sugar cravings.

Take fat burning to the next level!

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