PNI Pure Protein Advanced

PNI - Pure Protein Advanced

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Brand: PNI Supplements

  • 33:33:33 Whey:Egg:Casein blend for optimal recovery
  • Just 1g sugar and 0.8g fat
  • 27g protein per serving
  • Just 123 calories

Pure Protein Advanced


Pure Protein Advanced features PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ technology, a perfect ratio of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins to stimulate and prolong protein synthesis, enhancing fat oxidation and improved overall benefit. The PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ with a digestion rate of 8 hours and 3 blood Leucine level spikes, increases satiety (feeling of fullness); leading to a more content and controlled body. Pure Protein Advanced is rich is amino acids such as that may stimulate human Growth Hormone secretion. This increase in hGH induces lipolysis (fat breakdown), leading to better body definition.

*27G of Protein per Serving*

*Only 1.3g of Carb & 0.8g of Fat*

*33:33:33 Split of Whey/egg/casein*

Highlighted Benefits

27g Protein
1.3g Carbohydrates
0.8g Fat
Rich in amino acids
Zero Lactose
Zero Gluten
100% full disclosure
Unbeatable taste

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