Pure Labs Premium Whey Protein

Pure Labs Premium Whey 5LB

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Brand: Pure Labs

  • 21.3g protein per serving
  • 3g creatine per serving
  • Great tasting
  • 73 servings

Pure labs all new and improved protein premium whey!

Protein is the most popular supplement within the industry and it’s no surprise, protein helps preserve, grow and repair muscles along with contributing to normal cognitive function, protein is an essential macronutrient in anyone's diet!

This is where Premium Whey comes in, for those who live an active lifestyle or take part in diet and exercise regularly, a higher protein intake is absolute necessary for you! Premium Whey is here to help you increase that uptake of protein within your diet in an easy and tasty way!

Premium Whey provides 21.3 g of protein per serving and with such a low calorie count of 125 calories, this protein is perfect for those who may be dieting. It doesn't stop there however, Premium Whey also includes 3g of creatine per serving!

Creatine is an essential supplement for anyone who takes part in explosive exercise such as weight lifting, sprinting or even combat exercises, if you need explosive power, you need creatine in your supplement regime. The inclusion of creatine in a protein supplement is one not often seen in the sports industry, making this product seriously stand out above the rest!

Key Features:

  • 21.3g protein per serving!
  • 3g of creatine per serving!
  • 73 servings!
  • Unique premium Patented Protein Formula!
  • 4 delicious Flavours!

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