Revive Hydrate Plus
Revive Hydrate Plus
Revive Hydrate Plus

Revive Hydrate Plus

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Introducing our Premium recovery drink for enhanced hydration and replenishment of muscle glycogen.  

Training is hard, whether you are running, climbing, weight lifting, competing in combat sports, doing an hour of hot yoga, or simply breaking a sweat you are exerting yourself and depleting precious muscle glycogen stores (muscle glycogen is muscle energy) and recovering as fast as you can, can be the difference between winning or losing. 

We bring you Isotonic Recovery, a well-balanced carbohydrate, electrolyte, and amino acid drink to flood your muscles with key amino acids, minerals, and sugars when you need them most.  

It is common knowledge that sugars provide energy, but the blend we use in our recovery isotonic (Fructose, Glucose & Maltodextrin) provide you with a quick but sustained release of energy to keep you going for longer, as well as keeping you well hydrated through a clever blend of minerals (sodium, Magnesium & potassium) 

This makes Recovery Isotonic perfect to use Before, during, or even after training, a very versatile energy intra & recovery drink all in one!  

We have ensured this blend of ingredients tastes amazing, with our unique flavouring system, meaning you have the choice of Lemonade Lime or Orange Berry Burst.

Both incredible flavours and super hydrating! 

Lastly, we have added Pink Himalayan salt, as well as key amino acids L-Glutamine & L-carnitine to provide your energy cells with the kick they need when they need it most! 


For Energy: Take 1.5 scoops Recovery Isotonic 10-15 minutes before physical exercise.   


For Hydration: Take 1.5 scoops Recovery Isotonic during training 


For Recovery: Take 1.5 Scoops Recovery Isotonic 10-15 minutes post-training.   

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