PNI - Pure Protein Advanced + FREE PNI TSHIRT (XL & L Only)
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PNI - Pure Protein Advanced + FREE PNI TSHIRT (XL & L Only)

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PPA + PNI TSHIRT (XL & L Sizes Only)

Pure Protein Advanced features PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ technology, a perfect ratio of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins to stimulate and prolong protein synthesis, enhancing fat oxidation and improved overall benefit. The PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ with a digestion rate of 8 hours and 3 blood Leucine level spikes, increases satiety (feeling of fullness); leading to a more content and controlled body. 

Pure Protein Advanced is rich in amino acids & assist in the recovery of muscle tissue.  

Additional Information 

Highlighted Benefits;

  • Trademarked PERFECT PROTEIN BLEND™ - Whey Concentrate/Egg Albumin/Casein
  • Non Proprietary blended protein 
  • 24g Protein 
  • 2g Carbohydrates  - 0.8 Sugar
  • 0.5g Fat
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Zero Lactose and Gluten
  • 100% full disclosure
  • Unbeatable taste




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