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OxyLean Thermo

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OxyLean Thermo

Oxylean Thermo. What is it?

Green Coffee bean extract
We have included a rich source of chlorogenic acid with our Green coffee bean extract, not only is green coffee a natural stimulant, research has shown it can help in lowering blood sugar levels, high blood sugar levels can stifle weight loss, so keeping this in check is a vital part of the weight loss journey, studies have also shown chlorogenic acid taken safely for up to 22 weeks decreased both overall weight, BMI and body fat % in 22 males & females.
Dandelion root extract
Dandelion root has a long history of being used for its powerful antioxidant properties as well as its ability to rid the body of excess water by way of acting as a diuretic. Dandelion is a natural plant rich in vitamin A, when eaten, drank as a tea or in this case encapsulated within a vegetarian shell, it can help the kidneys flush away toxins in turn increasing the need for urination, many people lose weight by decreasing their water weight ( think boxer sitting in a sauna to make weight ) Dandelion is safe & natural and a great addition to OxyLean thermo
Bitter Orange & Caffeine Anhydrous
This is the weight management powerhouse, we have included 250mg of Bitter orange & 150mg caffeine anhydrous per capsule, these stacked together not only provide the 'rush of energy' associated with stimulants but are both backed by studies to aid in weight management, a double blind study of healthy male & females lost an average of 2-3kg over a 12 week period using the exact combination we have included in OxyLean Thermo
Niacin, Capsicum & Bioperine.  
These 3 herbal ingredients are great additions, Niacin is a B vitamin with a multitude of health benefits, you may feel a slight flushing or hot sensation after taking niacin, it is perfectly safe, lasts only minutes and is a common side effect noted with this vitamin, Capsicum is the compound in spicy ingredients notably chillies ! Capsicum is included to heat up the core temperature, this will aid in stoking the metabolic fires, making it easier to burn stubborn fat by helping your body expend more energy, lastly bioperine another spicy little number derived from Black pepper, this is the final ingredient to aid absorption of all of the above ingredients, bioperine helps each ingredient work synergistically with one another in order to achieve their full potential!
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