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    Lean shake plus is one of our best selling products and certainly the one PNI have spent the most time formulating and perfecting. It’s the product we all use the most in Factory Supplements, as it so versatile and easy to use and it tastes great. The fact that it's really healthy is just a bonus! Lean shake is used by four main groups

  • As a nutritious meal replacement for those looking to burn fat and lose weight
  • For those who are training and want a quick, easy and delicious way of getting their daily protein requirements
  • For busy people who often don't have time to prepare and cook a meal and are looking for a healthy, tasty and well balanced meal or snack to eat on the go
  • For those with a lactose or gluten intolerance, as a delicious milk alternative, to cook with and to as a great source of protein


Voted in the top 10 weight loss shakes by Slimming pills review 2017

Lean shake plus not only tastes fantastic but will aid your weight loss goals as part of a calorie controlled diet. We have included Co-Enzyme Q10 at a perfect dose of 50mg per serving to help increase energy levels throughout the day. Not only that but we have chosen to add 3 fantastic protein sources : 

What is Lean Shake Plus?

Lean Shake Plus is a high protein, low calorie meal replacement drink with added ingredients to optimise health and aid fat loss.

 Our trademark Perfect Protein Blend™ is a unique blend of milk protein, egg albumen and whey, each of which have differing digestion rates. Combined, they give Lean Shake Plus an incredible 8 hour rate of absorption, keeping you fuller for longer. Lean Shake Plus is also 100% gluten and lactose free, making it suitable for those who struggle with intolerances. Lean Shake Plus is a super convenient way to reduce your calorie intake and add some real goodness to your diet, without compromising on taste. Simply replace one meal per day with your favourite flavour of Lean Shake Plus for a tasty way to lose weight*.  Lean Shake Plus also has a long shelf life of 18 months, meaning no more food waste guilt! *combined with a calorie controlled diet

What is in Lean Shake Plus?

Lean Shake Plus is a clever blend of proteins derived from milk, egg and whey, designed to give you an amazing 8 hour digestion rate. With 28g of protein, only 1g of sugar and less than 1g of fat, Lean Shake Plus rings in at an impressive 128 calories, making it the perfect low calorie meal replacement. With added Green Tea, L-Carnitine and Co-Q10, Lean Shake Plus is a meal replacement that optimises your health as well as helping you to cut calories. 



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