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PNI -Heart Health - 60 capsules

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PNI -Heart Health - 60 capsules

PNI Heart Health 

Heart Health was formulated to help people of any age live a longer, healthier and more active life.  
The largest killer in Western Europe is heart disease, which can be brought on by many factors including poor diet and lifestyle, but also some pre-existing conditions. High cholesterol can be hereditary and whilst it can be balanced with an active lifestyle and diet, it can still be a problem for many people. High blood pressure is also a significant issue and can also be aided by diet and exercise, but lifestyle factors and pre-existing conditions mean that even with the healthiest lifestyle, you may still have high blood pressure.  
PNI created Heart Health to help combat both high cholesterol and high blood pressure, using just two proven ingredients:
Red Yeast Rice standardised for Monacolin K & Cholesterol
This ingredient is proven to help lower cholesterol; in a double blind study Monacolin K taken at a dose of 10mg for 30 days showed a reduction in cholesterol between 9 & 12%. In PNI Heart health we have used 600mg of Red Yeast rice using 18mg of Monokolin K!
It is worth noting that the active ingredient in Heart Health, Monacolin K, bears many similarities to the Lovastatin, but does not come with the side effects linked to statins - namely stomach upset and tiredness. If, however, you do suffer any side effects (it is rare, but can happen) such as muscle pain or headache whilst taking Heart Health we recommend discontinuing use.  
Garlic 200:1 for lowering blood pressure

Garlic capsules are relatively inexpensive, you can pick them up at most stores. However, when you really look at the label and read what you are purchasing, most products consist of crushed garlic powder in dry powder form, which contains very little allicin per serving. Allicin has a wealth of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure. In PNI Heart Health we have opted for a more expensive garlic extract, Garlic 200:1, providing 80mg of allicin rich garlic.

We have encased our Heart Health in a vegetarian capsule, meaning it is suitable for vegans and can be used by anyone looking to improve health and lower cholesterol. 
We recommend taking two capsules of PNI Heart health for 30 days. If taking Heart Health to lower blood pressure or cholesterol, we would urge you to speak with your physician before doing so. We also urge you to undertake blood tests before and after a 30 day course of Heart Health to see the difference it can make. 
Read up on the real world results from the official PNI supplements blog here 
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