Nutra Innovations - Heptadrol 30 Capsules
Nutra Innovations - Heptadrol 30 Capsules
Nutra Innovations - Heptadrol 30 Capsules
Nutra Innovations - Heptadrol 30 Capsules
Nutra Innovations

Nutra Innovations - Heptadrol 30 Capsules

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What is Heptadrol? 

  • Heptadrol contains a blend of seven muscle enhancing ingredients to assist in lean muscle mass & size. 
  • Only 1 capsule per day is needed.
  •  Heptadrol is the ultimate stack for an all out attack on your physique!

What are the ingredients in Heptadrol? 




Epiandrosterone is a naturally occurring hormone which has many benefits, but is mainly used to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and 'slow down the ageing process'. Epiandrosterone has been shown in many studies to increase testosterone production and increase serum D.H.E.A levels. One huge benefit of Epiandrosterone is that even at low doses it has been shown to increase SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). The more SHBG in your blood, the more efficiently your body can pack on lean muscle mass.  Epiandrosterone has also been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which has been shown to improve mood and overall wellbeing. 



As well as Epiandrosterone, Heptadrol also contains the powerful sex hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone - another powerful hormone which has been shown to increase testosterone and delay the ageing process.

11 OXO & Androsterone

Heptadrol contains two further key hormones in 11 OXO & Androsterone. This powerhouse combination of testosterone enhancing hormones makes for one of the best supplements available for muscle mass, size, strength fat loss and overall wellbeing.


Lastly, Heptadrol contains the patented Laxosterone, a trademarked form of Laxogenin, which a powerful brassinosteroid. Laxogenin has been shown in many real world applications and studies to decrease fatigue and increase protein synthesis. Laxogenin appears to have anabolic properties without anabolic side effects!  It makes for a great natural ingredient and sits nicely in this blend of testosterone enhancing compounds. 


Benefits of Heptadrol 

Reduce cortisol 

Increase testosterone 

Increase SHBG

Increase strength 

Decrease body fat 

Delay the ageing process 


Heptadrol is a fantastic supplement to run if you are looking for minimum side effects with maximum results.


How to take Heptadrol 

Heptadrol can be taken at a dose of 1 capsule daily for 30 days. There is no need to increase this dose, 1 capsule daily will provide great gains.  

We recommend Heptadrol should be cycled in 8 week periods, followed by a 4 week PCT.  A 4 week break from Heptadrol is advised following your PCT.  


What would a good cycle look like?

Weeks 1 - 8 

1 capsule of Heptadrol daily. 

2 capsules of Milk Thistle daily .

Weeks 8 - 12 

2 capsules of Clomadex PCT daily. 

2 capsules of Eden Health Alpha Male daily (optional). 


Who can take Heptadrol?

We recommend Heptadrol for males aged 25+, but it is especially good for males aged 35+. 

Theoretically, women can take Heptadrol safely and securely, but we would only recommend a 4 week cycle for females.  


Are there any side effects with Heptadrol?

Heptadrol can cause hormonal fluctuations, therefore we recommend a good post cycle supplement following your course of Heptadrol. We also advise a good on cycle support.