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Nitro Pump Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

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Nitro Pump Buy 2 Get 1 FREE 

Tired of stimulant based pre-workouts? Just want a great pump and an increased recovery? Want a better workout?

Neutra Labs present Nitro-Pump!

Nitro-pump is a tablet based pre-workout that will increase blood flow quality around the body during periods of strenuous activity and exercise. This works by dilation of the blood vessels which widen the amount of blood through the muscles, leading to an increased energy performance of muscles and improved recovery! Nitro-Pump is also a non-stimulant! meaning there will be absolutely no comedown from this product, it will only be a great benefit to your training session. 

Niro-pump contains; 

Potassium Nitrate - 800mg 

Potassium Nitrate is a supplement that is commonly used to help normalise abnormal heart rhythm's and increases blood supply through the heart. This balancing helps increase the quality of the blood circulating the body when used in conjunction with the next ingredient.  

HydroMax - 400mg 

HydroMax is a key blend of Glycerol and Silica, HydroMax is easily absorbed and distributed throughout the intracellular space, increasing the concentration of fluid in the blood and tissues. This brings possible benefits for endurance and stamina events, such as adaption to the environmental stress and promoting blood flow associated with resistance training. It’s also been shown to help athletes store extra water for the purpose of rehydrating after intense exercise. This ingredient is key for increasing vasodilation at a cellular level, allowing for an increased blood flow. 

Vitamin C as Absorbic Acid - 20mg

Vitamin C is a supplement found primarily in citrus fruits. It carries many functions and is important in the body to help create collagen, which provides elasticity to connective tissue, process calcium (for healthy bones and teeth) and to promote a strong immune system. Putting this in contact with this formula is having the vitamin C in this small dose allows for the quick inhabitation of the other ingredients, making them work more effectively as it influences the elasticity of the collagen within the body.