Natural Muscle Stack
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Natural Muscle Stack

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Build muscle naturally with the Natural Muscle Stack.
Every natural athlete knows getting stronger or building lean muscle can be a slow and steady process. Sometimes it can feel like we hit a lot of barriers, surpassing that certain PR on bench, building that lagging body part, preserving muscle while on a cut or increasing your explosive power output.

We have created the best natural stack on the market, to help you overcome these issues from a multitude of angels.
The Natural Muscle Stack will help do the following:

- Increase Natural Testosterone
- Increase Lean Muscle
- Stop Muscle Breakdown
- Increase Rate Of Recovery
- Improve Libido

- Improve Protein Synthesis

Get that aggressive edge, and take your training to the next level today.

How to Take


1 Scoop of Creatine (5g)

2 Alpha Male capsules

1 Epi Ultra
1 ZMA Original


2 Alpha Male capsules

1 Epi Ultra
1 ZMA Original

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any side effects to this stack?
A. No, this stack is completely natural.

Q. Is this stack best to run on a bulk or a cut
A. Either, The Natural Muscle Stack helps preserve muscle while on a cut, or whilst on a bulk it helps promote lean muscle growth.

Q. Will this show up on a drugs test?
A. No, all of the ingredients in this stack won’t flag up, even for WADA tested athletes!