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Brand: Muscle Geek

  • High protein
  • Great tasting
  • Zero palm oil
  • Gluten free


Muscle Nuts is a High Protein Peanut Butter. A great functional food to help you achieve your daily protein targets in the most convenient way. Made with the finest protein sources (i.e Whey protein concentrate) this protein spread is packed full of goodness and great for athletes at all levels, or for those peanut butter lovers out there!


Muscle Nuts


Fitness Factory brings you Muscle Geeks all new Muscle Nuts. And it is just that, nuts with muscle!!


A high protein, tasty as hell nut butter in a range of finger licking flavours such as Chocolate Fudge, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Orange and Milky Whey (notice what we did with the milky whey) that’s because all of the muscle nut range contain high quality whey protein concentrate, making it an easy way to increase protein intake into your diet.


A 30g serving contains 11g of protein and 12g of fat only 1.5g of which being saturated and absolutely zero trans fats. The right fats are essential in any diet, they are needed for hormonal balance, brain function, protection of organs and they are the bodies first source of energy to use with many, many more benefits.


No Palm Oil, Gluten free, this really is a product made for everybody, from athletes to the everyday peanut butter lover. Go nuts for muscle nuts.


What makes Muscle Nuts special?

  • Great source of independent fats AND protein!
  • Muscle Nuts is proud to boast a gluten free Peanut Butter
  • Amazing Taste, consistency and quality!

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