Eden Health - Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

Eden Health - Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

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Brand: Eden Health

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Eden Health Multi Vitamin and Mineral

What it does?

Eden Health multivitamin is a clinical dosed tablet designed to cover all micronutrient needs meaning that a person can go about their daily life whilst having all the bases of micronutrient nutrition covered! 

What is it and How does it affect you?

This multivitamin provides for all a person's micronutrient deficiencies, this multivitamin is specifically catered to accommodate for the typical deficiencies seen in western culture. This boost of micronutrients allows a person to fight off illness better, improve general well being and prevent any unwanted deficiency related illnesses that could become problematic.

Who should take it?

This product can be taken by both men and women who desire to improve general wellbeing, immune function and micronutrient levels within the body.

How to take it?  

We advise unless directed otherwise 1 tablet of this multivitamin is all you need, those with deficiencies may need to take more then 1 a day.

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