PNI - Limited Edition PNI Cyclone Shaker - 500ml

PNI - Limited Edition PNI Cyclone Shaker - 500ml

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Brand: PNI Supplements

  • Extra Screw-on Section For Powder Or Capsule/Tablets
  • Flip-back & Lock Mouthpiece Cover

Limited Edition!

PNI have repeatedly seen what there was already available and improved upon it, and this case is no different with their own brilliant Limited Edition PNI Cyclone Shaker. It is designed with a detachable compartment to hold a serving of your favourite PNI powders, from Pure Protein Advanced to Pure Mass Advanced, Prodigy XT to Pure Amino Advanced! PNI's Limited Edition shakers are extremely convenient which features a screw top lid to prevent leaks. The mouthpiece is also sealed inside and outside to further prevent those annoying leaks. A reliable and handy shaker which holds 500ml of liquid and a serving of your PNI supplements totalling an impressive 750ml capacity.

Featuring an impressive total capacity of 750ml the PNI Cyclone Shaker has many other benefits:

  • Keep shaker standing upright
  • Sealed Mouthpiece inside and outside
  • Flip-back and lock mouthpiece cover
  • Extra screw-on section for powder or capsule/tablets
  • Fits into most car cup-holders

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