Chromium Picolinate - 90 Tablets

Chromium Picolinate - 90 Tablets

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Brand: Natures Aid

  • Blood sugar balance
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Weight loss

Why Chromium Picolinate?

Chromium Picolinate is rising in popularity due to it's 'carb control' capabilities. Chromium helps people with Sugar Cravings, so if you're on a low carb or calorie controlled diet, it'll help you get through those difficult times. Here are a few more reasons as why you shoulder consider adding Chromium to your list of supplements:

  • Blood sugar balance - chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, a function which not only helps diabetics but also those with pre-diabetic glucose intolerance in hypoglycaemia (too low blood glucose).
  • Cholesterol - chromium appears to play a role in reducing the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides whilst raising the level of good HDL cholesterol.
  • Weight loss - studies have demonstrated weight loss with increased chromium intake. Chromium increases sensitivity to insulin, improving blood sugar control and encouraging the body to use calories to generate heat. Preliminary studies have shown that taking chromium picolinate can result in increased fat and weight loss and a gain in lean muscle.
  • Athletes - chromium compounds are required both to build muscle cells and for the muscle cells to absorb glucose during exercise. Because of the extra demands of glucose absorption during exercise more of the appropriate chromium compound becomes damaged. This is broken down and excreted by the body. The result is a greater loss of chromium at a time when the body requires more that normal.
  • Acne - although people suffering from acne have normal oral glucose tolerance, skin tests have revealed that glucose tolerance in the skin is impaired. Rapid improvement in the condition has been noticed in people taking chromium supplements.

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