German Pharmaceuticals - Catalyst - 300g

German Pharmaceuticals - Catalyst - 300g

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Brand: German Pharmaceuticals

  • An unrivalled increase in power output!
  • Unmatched Pump!


German Pharmaceuticals have has massive success in the past few years with their work on other products and the way in which they have helped many achieve their goals, whether it be cutting, bulking or gaining strength. To many they are a company that have helped people push past their current barriers. They've helped people recover quicker, Perform better and get the results they want past what they thought they were capable of and with this in mind an idea for their all new product was born. They have been a Catalyst for the next stage of performance for many, and so with this in mind, German Pharmaceuticals proudly present their very first pre-workout... Catalyst!

Those who take Catalyst should expect:

  • An unrivalled increase in power output!
  • An unmatched pump!
  • An unparalleled Focus and Drive!

Catalyst Contains:

  • 2000mg of beta alanine, a lactic acid buffer that allows you to train harder for longer this means, you may experience pushing through the wall you usually hit during a intense workout!

Individuals respond to the beta alanine "tingles" (paresthesia) differently, do NOT worry it is a normal effect of the ingredient.

  • 2000mg of creatine to support your ATP (adrenosine triphosphate) storage, in layman's terms aiding the recovery needed between sets, thus allowing you to produce more power from your muscles increasing the weight you are lifting.
  • 1000mg of citrulline malate, which is a precursor to Arginine. The conversion happens in the kidneys, it then aids further supplementation of L-arginine (AAKG).
  • 1000mg of AAKG, a Nitric Oxide booster. Aided by citrulline malate, its absorption efficiency is enhanced, allowing blood to flow to your muscles and through your body at an accelerated speed, giving you vascularity and a skin tearing pump whilst you workout.
  • 200mg of dimocarpus longan, this ingredient is used as a nootropic, enhancing your brain's cognition and allowing better focus.
  • 250mg caffeine, a stimulant found in many pre workouts as a way to give you a "kick" of energy, stimulating your adrenal glands and causing an awake feeling like no other ingredient will!

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