BPI Best Protein Bars

BPI Best Protein Bars

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Brand: BPI

  • contains 20g of quality protein
  • low in carboydrates
  • 15-17g fiber per bar

Introducing the new range of BEST Protein Bars by BPI Sports. An incredible tasting bar, boasting one of the best textured bars on the market. It has a soft base texture with chunks of chocolate and cookies within the bar. Each bar contains 20g of quality protein per serving including whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and whey powder. Available in 4 delicious flavours including cookies and cream, s'mores, chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon crunch, each containing a unique crisp filling.

BPI Best Protein Bars are also low in carboydrates with ony 3-8g net carbs per bar and only 230 calories. Each bar is also very low suagr and contains 15-17g fiber per bar making them a great low calorie snack while on the go or to snack on between meals. What else is great about these bars is their slightly larger size giving a greater amount of food but with the same calories as many other low calorie smaller size bars.

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