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Hot Body Coffee - 223g

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Brand: Hot Body

  • Backed By Science To Aid Weight Loss
  • Reduces Bloating & Water Retention
  • Has The Ability To Suppress Appetite


Have you been searching for a slimming coffee that actually TASTES like coffee? Now you've found it!

Our unique blend of Green Coffee Beans, Arabica Beans, Kenyan beans & last but not least the mocha bean, make Hot Body Coffee the ONLY choice when it comes to replacing your morning caffeine fix with a unique & great tasting blend.

Apart from the great taste of our unique blend, Hot Body Coffee is also proven to have many benefits:


* Backed by science to aid weight loss

* Reduces bloating & water retention

* Contains a high % of the fat busting ingredient Green Coffee beans

It really is a no brainer for fat loss! Join the thousands who have already started their journey with #hotbodycoffee and see & feel the difference today.


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