Anabolic Designs Nitr-Ox

Anabolic Designs Nitr-Ox

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Brand: Anabolic Designs

  • Increases blood flow
  • Supports nutrient delivery
  • next level pumps

AD’s latest product to hit the shelves is an incredible new product containing some of the most potent, clinically researched ‘pump’ ingredients. A brand always associated with providing quality ingredients and innovative formulations, Nito-Ox is no exception. Nitr-Ox contains citrulline malate an active precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) which is responsible for generating muscle pumps this is combined with HydroMax®, a highly stable form of glycerine, which causes hyper-hydration, pulling water into the muscles driving nutrients where they need to be.

Benefits of Nitr-Ox include;

  • Increases blood flow, hydrates muscles and encourages NO production.
  • Supports nutrient delivery, recovery and growth.
  • Simply take one serving before training for next level pumps


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