5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded

5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded

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Brand: 5% Nutrition

  • Factory Supplements Exclusive
  • strong Pre Workout
  • Hardcore Formula

Five percent are back with an all new kill it reloaded which an improved version of the old kill it which is so well known and widely used amongst gym goers and body builders.

Why should I buy it?

The brand and product have a huge loyal fan base so they are not likely to disappoint them when it comes to one of their trademark products

It comes with everything that was good about the old formula with great improvements and smart thinking behind the ingredients

It also tastes great and mixes really well without having to remix every minute or so.

How to take it

With the smart nature of the caffeine inside best time to take this is 15 minutes prior to exercise to allow for the caffeine to build up energy for your workout. By this time you will feel the beta alanine set in which gives you the pins and needles effect

How does it compare

Kill it wasnt designed to give you that raging energy that makes you want to throw dumbells around, instead it was cleverly formulated so that regular and beginner gym users could use it as an advanced energy supplement and to help motivate you to work harder and faster.

325mg of caffeine has a little more than the last formula along with 2g of beta alanine to help with endurance which isnt the clinical dosage but it is a useful amount to feel and get the benefit of it.

Those who have taken c4, ultimate pre & no xplode will feel that extra kick from this but not to the extreme making it the perfect step up from these.

What & When

A good dosage of energy ingredients through caffeine without the crash through the aid of theacrine prolonging the effects of the energy output meaning this is ideal for a good 2 hour gym workout without the crash afterwards.

A nootropic blend of choline helps focus and decision making and to enhance your overall engagement with the workout so you can get the best out of it.

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