Gut Health+

Gut Health+

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Brand: PNI Supplements

  • Correct Your Pancreatic pH Level
  • Normalizes Excess Stomach Acid
  • Can aid irritable bowels

When we eat food, our digestive system doesn’t absorb the food, it absorbs nutrients.  


Food has to be broken down from its ingested state to nutrient rich particles: amino acids (from proteins), fatty acids and cholesterol (from fats), and simple sugars (from carbohydrates), as well as vitamins, minerals, and a variety of other plant and animal compounds. 


Our body’s natural digestive enzymes, primarily produced in the pancreas and small intestine, break down our food into nutrients so that our bodies can absorb them, quicker and more efficiently.


Why should you take Gut Health +? It will correct your pancreatic pH level to make more digestive enzymes • Normalise excess stomach acid for less heartburn • Promote easy, regular bowel movements • Aid irritable bowels • Decrease bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines for less bloating and gas

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