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German Pharmaceuticals YK-11 - 5mg

What does YK-11 do?


German Pharma YK-11 is a compound that causes an increased activity at androgen cells, leading to increased protein synthesis. YK-11 is classed as a Myostatin Inhibitor. 

Myostatin can limit muscle growth, and there’s been research into using YK-11 to decrease myostatin. Because of YK-11’s myostatin suppression ability, users can find that building muscle is easier, which makes YK-11 perfect for muscle building cycles.


What is YK-11 and how does it affect you? 

YK-11 is a partial androgen receptor agonist binding weakly at the androgen receptor and a potent myostatin inhibitor.  It also causes increased levels of the protein follistatin, an antagonist that suppresses myostatin activity. Myostatin is a protein that slows muscle cells growing and dividing, so inhibiting it can lead to faster muscle growth and cell development in muscle tissue.


In fact, YK-11 can increase follistatin production even more than DHT, the strongest male hormone the body naturally produces.  Usually, excess DHT causes baldness and prostate enlargement, but YK-11 doesn’t have these side effects due to its weak AR affinity.


YK-11’s ability to build muscle is so powerful that it’s been compared to testosterone, an effect which exceeds that of other compounds by far.  Increased pumps and muscle fullness are some of the most frequently reported effects, with many users claiming the effects are even greater when stacking with oral AAS or prohormones.

How do I take YK-11?  


Although research on this is mixed, the general recommended dosage of YK for many is 5-10mg a day, this is best split into one-two dosages to ensure that the compound remains fully active in your system and the full benefits are achieved.

The research is mixed, but we recommend a daily dose of 5-10mg (1-2 capsules) for most users.  If you’re using 2 capsules a day, take one in the morning and one in the evening to help the compound stay fully active in your system.

Who should take YK-11?


Men over the age of 21.


We do only advise YK-11 to men due to affinity of anabolic ratio with regards to testosterone production therefore women would not be advised to take this compound.


We don’t advise YK-11 for anyone under the age of 21, as it can hinder natural testosterone production and may cause unwanted side effects such as reproductive issues and difficulty returning testosterone back to a normal level.

Does YK-11 require cycle support?


YK-11 is slightly methylated, so studies suggest that it does not require cycle support when used for short cycles at 5-10mg per day.   


However, if you’re running a longer or stronger cycle, or stacking YK-11 with another compound, we recommend a cycle support such as Pure Labs Milk Thistle.


Does YK-11 require a post cycle therapy?

If your YK-11 cycle is under 6 weeks and doesn’t exceed 2 capsules a day, a PCT isn’t mandatory.  However, we would still suggest that you follow your cycle with a testosterone booster.

If you’ve run a longer or stronger cycle, or stacked YK-11 with another compound, we recommend that you use an advanced hormonal recovery agent as your PCT.