PNI Supplements - Amino Advanced - 30 servings

PNI Supplements - Amino Advanced - 30 servings

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Brand: PNI Supplements

  • Loaded with BCAA's with a 5:1:1 ratio
  • Packed with essential amino acids
  • Hydration matrix

Not only does Amino Advanced pack a punch with over 7g BCAA it is loaded with a further 8 essential amino acids, making Amino Advanced one of THE most complete amino acid drinks on the market  

Amino Advanced is infused with coconut water. Coconut water contains high levels of magnesium & potassium allowing for maximum hydration post workout

Amino Advanced also contains Pink Himalayan salt. Not your average table salt, pink Himalayan salt contains just the right amount of sodium to flood your muscle cells with the recovery minerals they need to keep you fuelled and help you recover faster. 

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