What is CBD oil ?

What is CBD oil ?

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CBD oil has had a lot of press over the past 18 months or so, with the USA leading the way in legalised medical marijuana it seems the European laws are becoming a little more relaxed around hemp use.  
Before we start off its worth noting CBD oil is not Cannabis oil.  I will explain a little further on.
To fully understand CBD i feel its important to understand the Hemp plant.  
The hemp plant is made up of of over 60 compounds called cannabionoids, each cannabinoid has different uses & roles within the body, the main 2 within the plant are CBD and THC.  
Other lesser know cannabinoids ( listed in the table below ) such as CBDa CBDc CBG etc are not as researched and are not present in the hemp plant in very high quantites, that is not to say they have no purposes, they are just not as researched, however one such Cannabinoid CBDv is being studied for its anti epileptic properties.  


These are the 2 main & most abundant cannabinoids. CBD & THC together are both very powerful cannabinoids, the often spoke about Cannabis oil has both of these in high concentrations.  THC has a lot of benefits, it is thought THC helps to shrink tumors in cancer patients, although this has not been studied extensively, there is a lot of real world evidence to support this theory. 

THC is the physcoactive substance ( the bit that makes you high ) and is illegal in most european countries, therefore most of the CBD & hemp oil on the market will have below 0.3% THC content ( the maximum allowed by law ) 
CBD Is the non physcoactive compound ( meaning it does not give you the high feeling ) so if you are worrying about CBD oil making you stoned, it wont.  
It does ( dependant on the % of CBD ) give you a slightly relaxed feeling.

Currently CBD is being researched for and showing a lot of benefits for : 

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Seizures/Epilepsy
• Pain Managment
• Anti sickness/Nausea 

Looking at Seizures and epilepsy first, this is quite an exciting topic for CBD, until last year there was only anecdotal evidence to suggest CBD may help with seizures.  The great news though last year a double blind placebo controlled study ( the best study you can get ) shown the use of CBD oil successfully reduced seziures in epileptic children & young adults by 39% over a 14 week period 
Even though CBD is only 1 of roughly 60 Cannabinoids with the hemp plant it accounts for roughly 40% of the overall Cannabinoid content and is therefore the most abundant cannabinoid within the plant. CBD is incredibly safe with virtually no known side effects, some people find CBD gives a slightly relaxed calming effect which is really the only known side effect, this is not a sedative feeling though which still means you can function as normal ie : drive a car or operate machinery perfectly fine.  
The great thing about CBD and the reason it works so well is that the human body is designed to 'accept' CBD, we have something called the Endocannabinoid system within our bodies, with a high amount of Endocannabinoid receptors primarily found in the brain, meaning when we intake CBD oil our bodies readily accept it. 
CBD is not Cannabis oil, Cannabis oil has a high concentration of both THC and CBD.  THC comes with known side effects namely a sedative 'high' effect and cannot be legally sold in the UK.  Cannabis oil or medicinal Marijuana is legal in some USA states and is being studied for a variety of conditions 
CBD oil is primarily that 1 Cannabinoid ( with trace amounts of others ) usually found suspended in hemp oil. 

How to find a Good CBD oil

Always look at the label, and confirm the % Value of the CBD oil. A good CBD oil will show both the % CBD and the mg of CBD.  If one of these is missing from the label, i would question the quality.  
If the CBD oil is below 500mg per bottle it may not be worth taking, most studies done have been with patients intaking anywhere between 10mg and 20mg daily.  Anything lower than 5% may not be cost effective. 
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