Top 5 Bicep Exercises For Growth

Top 5 Bicep Exercises For Growth

Fitness freaks workout day and night in the gym for hours to achieve gained and pumped biceps. Targeting a specific area of the body during a workout is difficult and tiresome. Most of the people that work out in the gym to build strength and muscle mass.


Muscle growth and biceps

Muscle cells are composed of the long and short head. These long and short heads are responsible for smooth muscle contraction and relaxation. There is a specific muscle which is known as biceps brachii. Biceps are pumped up through a workout on these muscles of the arm. Just beneath the biceps brachii, there is biceps brachialis and it helps in flexing the muscle of the elbow. Working on this biceps brachii adds circumference and pumps on the biceps.


Top 5 bicep exercises

There are many bicep exercises that help in muscle growth but here are top 5 exercises for bicep growth and pump.


1) Standing Resistance Band Hammer Curl

This exercise is done without using weights and dumbells. Resistance bands are used for bicep gain. The muscle resists the band movement and hence in targets the bicep muscle itself. The resistance bands are gripped in a hammer curl manner and they put pressure on muscle biceps brachialis that makes look biceps thicker and pumped.

How to do it

Stand in the centre of the resistance band while handling each end of the band in both the hands. Curl hands toward the shoulders and try to squeeze up the biceps as much as possible. This constantly maintains tension on the muscle resulting in bigger muscle pumps


2) Decline Dumbbell Curl

For decline dumbbell curl, a bench is required. When doing this exercise, the arms remain unattached to the bench and hence the pressure is on the legs and chest.

How to do it

Keep dumbbells in both of the hands while lying on the bench on the chest. The bench should be at 45 degrees. Keep hands close to the chests and then move upper arms and bend elbows while keeping the dumbbells as close to the shoulders as possible.


3) Offset Grip Dumbbell Curl

This exercise looks similar to the standard-grip biceps curl but the only difference between them is in offset grip dumbbell curl the centre of the dumbbell is not on the palm. In this exercise, the weight is distributed throughout the body but the tension is kept on the bicep muscle.

How to do it

Hold dumbbells at an arm’s length. Try to keep the upper arms still while bending elbows and curling the dumbbells. In this exercise, the biceps are kept under tension and hence within months of doing this exercise the biceps pumps


4) Kneeling One Arm Curl

In this exercise, one arm is worked on at a time. Two dumbbells are required for this exercise. The tension is on the arms and bicep but the pressure is put on both the leg and arm at the same time.

How to do it

Hold a dumbbell in one hand while the palm is directed towards the thigh. Keeping upper arm stuck to its place, bend elbow curl the dumbbell closer to the shoulder. Then slowly lower the weight back on the initial position while keeping the arm straight. Do it with one hand at a time.


5) Zottman Curl

In Zottman curl, three muscles are kept in tension simultaneously. The biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis are important muscles for bicep pumps.

How to do it

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and keep a distance at arm's length. The palm should be facing forward. Keep upper arms constant and bend the elbow. Curl the dumbbells and keep them close to the shoulder. Then twist the dumbbell and so that the palm face forward.

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