How to master the muscle up

How to master the muscle up

No matter how difficult doing muscle up is, it is the most rewarding cross fit exercise. It works on multiple muscles and tone them simultaneously. Here is a five step guide to master the muscle up.


Strong and pumped muscle ups are dream come true for every trainer. Trainer’s workout for hours and tirelessly for muscle up. Muscle up is making Muscle up is one of the most difficult and hard core cross fit exercise that can only be done by putting double or triple of the strength of the body. For beginners, it looks impossible. It might look easy but most of the people can even complete one rep without giving up in the middle. It looks as a amalgamation of dip and pull up but in actual it requires far more strength and stamina.


Step 1:

Put thumbs on the sides on the top of the bar, avoid putting them on the sides as it will deteriorate strength to pull up.

Step 2:

Put all the strength of your body on your shoulder and pull the body upwards. Make sure the chin is above the bar when the body has been pulled up.

Step 3:

Work around the chest area and pull it up over the bar. Remember the bar is the level that needs to be crossed to complete one complete rep of muscle up.

Step 4:

Now it is time to use strength of the hands by putting them down on the bar and drive the body upward.

Step 5:

Now make a smooth transition and bring the body down while keeping hands on the bar. Do not leave the bar unless feet are touching ground.

Expert advice regarding the muscle up

Before trying to master the muscle up, make sure the body is strengthen enough especially hands, shoulder and chests. It is advised for beginners to attempt it on the ground. Extend arms and try to put the parallel to each other on top of the head then try to drag some heavy object. By practicing it on the ground, the back would have required support and there would be no chance of losing the grip and falling. Doing the muscle up in standing position can only be mastered after weeks and months of practice. Weight trainers acquire the art of muscle up quickly as it is easy for them to bring the strength and shift it from hands to shoulders and then chest. No matter how difficult it sounds, it is the most rewarding cross fit exercise. It works on multiple muscles and tone them simultaneously.

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