BCAA's, Why your BCAA should include EAA's

BCAA's, Why your BCAA should include EAA's

BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acid supplements) should contain EAA for making it a more beneficial. EAA works as fuel for BCAA to work and fulfil the requirements for a workout.


The amino acid is organic substances and serves as building blocks for proteins. They re part of every other cell, muscle and tissues. There are many amino acids and each has a different healthy value. In general, amino acids help in maintaining the integrity of arteries, glands, organs and tendons. They also serve is intermediate in myriad metabolic processes.

The functions of amino acid

There are many functions of amino acid. The most essential function of amino acids are as follows

  • It stimulates growth 
  • It provides energy and strength to the body for a workout and other physical activity 
  • It helps in breaking down food and other dietary substances 
  • It accelerates the process of metabolism and makes the body get rid of waste products quickly 
  • It facilitates and boosts the wounds while repairing body tissues 
  • They have profound benefits on mental health 
  • They repair muscles, bones, skin and hair as well 


Types of amino acids

There are basically three groups of amino acids:

  • Essential Amino Acids (EAAS)
  • Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Conditional Amino Acids


BCAA (Branched-chain amino acid supplements)

Branched-chain amino acid supplements (BCAA) are a type of amino acid and is considered the part of supplements that are used for fitness freaks. BCCAs aids many metabolic processes. BCCAs transport nutrients and stores them. BCCAs have many health benefits. It fights insomnia, diabetes, obesity and many brain dysfunctions. They prevent muscles from deteriorating after the effects of dieting and helps in rebuilding them. BCCA is abundantly present in meat, eggs and other protein-containing foods. They help in gaining muscular pumps and reduction of fat. When a person workouts, the glycogen level depletes in the body and hence it needs more protein as a fuel source. BCCAs provide an adequate amount of protein and help in improving workout performance. As serotonin level increases during a workout, the body faces the issues of fatigue and lethargy. BCCAs reduces the amount of serotonin and hence workout performance is improved.



Essential amino acids or EAAs are very essential. These amino acid are very necessary for muscular cell development. This amino acid helps in muscular repair as well and help in combatting fatigue after an intense workout.


EAAs as part of BCAAs

BCAAs supplements should contain EAA for making it a more beneficial. EAA works as fuel for BCAA to work and fulfil the requirements for a workout. BCAAs cannot promote muscle growth and pump without the support of EAAs. EAAs should be the part of BCCAs because they are not produced biologically in the body. If EAAs are not provided to the body externally, the body will not be able to absorb the nutrients provided by protein supplements. EAAs prevent the development of new muscle tissue. It is interesting that all BCAAs are EAAs but all EAAs are not BCAAs.


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